What We Feel About You, Shalu! (a poem)

Shashi Sastry
2 min readDec 28, 2023
Picture owned by the family

On a special birthday, for a special someone.

You entered our lives at times different,
By choice of nature, chance, your preferment,
We’ve experienced you variously,
How you enrich us, we share jointly.

Shylaja, Shylaya, Shalu, Paapu,
We would be much the poorer without you.
You are comfort, safety, happiness,
Our life is a garden with your presence.

Seed of friends’ circles in Pune and Sydney,
Great gangs in AMP, Tibco, Infy, and BP.
You’re care personified, friendship defined,
Drawing us in with your big heart and mind.

We sense you’re classy, someone with substance,
Simple beauty at any distance,
How you’re inside heightens your outer glow,
From your empathy and care, we all grow.

You of green thumb, patient plant whispering,
Intuitive cook of a range astounding,
With fine sense of harmony and colour,
You decorate, dress, do much that’s stellar.



Shashi Sastry

I am a prism, refracting the light of thought into a rainbow of content for you. Poetry, philosophy, architecture, and more. LESS STUFF, MORE VEG = A FUTURE.